Designer: BlackColourBash

Viwe Ketse-Njengele

Black ColourBash is inspired by a mindset that encompasses unique interpretations made by individuals that are constructively interested in the idea, an inspired African Youth who do not perceive themselves as a lost generation, and have pride for Africa and all it can become.

Black ColourBash identifies itself as an organisation that facilitates the process of transforming people’s view of the world, and specifically personifying a new and more positive view of Africa through our services and/or development. Black ColourBash aims at providing customized services to their clients that will allow them to evolve their own identity. The world has been dominated by one set of values for the past two millennia, it is time to widen the mental and social environment to accommodate other forms of discourse.

Black ColourBash believes that being African should not be reserved only for special occasions. Instead, services should be able to be incorporated and be part of everyday life, as is the case with many African, and indeed ethnic cultures.