Today now more than ever, it is increasingly difficult to go into business or to maintain a business at a profitable and successful rate. With an increase in population, competitiveness seems to grow faster than even inflation itself. There is also a plethora of information and misinformation in the business field. One thing is for certain though, branding and creating a unified message through the symbolism of a logo is essential in a successful marketing strategy and the longevity of your enterprise.

What is a logo?

Falling under the umbrella of the branding strategy, a logo can be defined as the symbolic representation of your company product and the message it will contextually carry to your customers or clients. It represents the company brand, and not just visually. Clients and customers over time will start to form more permanent ideas and opinions about your company and that is represented with the logo, and this is how your company is viewed even if it isn’t an accurate depiction of success or profit. That is the power of the brand, logo, and symbolism in itself.

Establishing a Logo

The very first step is to create a logo. Research is the essential keystone in the early developmental stages. When deciding on the aesthetics or name of the business logo, there are key factors that are detrimental to conducting research. First and foremost, what sector or industry is the company or business entering? This demographic will help you determine who your target audience is. With your newly identified target audience, you can delve into further aspects. What makes them your target audience? Are you providing an essential service or product that they demand? Even taking a look at the competitors who are established can help formulate a direction and overall cause success in your research. This will help you reach the phase of drawing or sketching your first logo design.

Business Logo Design Tools and Services

Fortunately, with the addition of the internet, and the vast amount of resources at the individual’s disposal there are several tools readily available to create logos. After the initial stage of researching your company’s message, your target audience, and the logo name and graphic, designing stages is imperative to the success of your business logo and establishing a foothold in long-term branding. Many online services help first-time businesses in the creation process. Canva, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and Vectr are all fairly easy-to-use online logo design software services. These are graphic design tools that will simplify the process of creating your company’s logo or a team logo and help create something more memorable and artistic.

These services will run your design processes through the proper stages of creating a logo. The initial design should represent the message or symbolize the company’s values. Before utilizing the graphic design tools mentioned earlier, have your original sketches or hand-drawn logo ideas readily available. This will help narrow the direction you are branding. Do not limit yourself to one or two sketch designs. Create a few test logos. You can also see how they interact with a small-scale audience Printing test batches and simply asking around for feedback has a success rate. This can be considered a test audience and is a highly effective method of gaining positive and negative feedback and researching those results on the various demographics within the test audience itself.

Brand and Logo Design Factors

The image selection, color, font, size, and even taglines are all examples the logo undergoes during the creative process. These factors are very important and need to be accounted for when implementing the design process. Again, this establishes many important aspects of your business. This is the process where you will decide on text versus picture. Having a mixture between the two usually is the sweet spot. Creating a larger emblem or picture brand with a few powerful keywords is a highly efficient template to follow as well. After that, considering font and font size is your next step in the design process. You are going to want to land on something unique that makes your logo stand out. It will need to be sized appropriately for legibility and you should also consider the air of style it puts off. For example, if you are creating an art brokerage firm, just taking into consideration your target audience probably enjoying art, you will have to pay a little more with font style and color schemes. The graphic aspect of the logo should be, for lack of a better term, more artistic in nature probably. Compare that to a car restoration business. The image will probably benefit from bold and popular car colors from famous vintage vehicles. You would benefit from a picture logo above this text of a famous vintage car as well. It creates positive thoughts in a customer’s mind, thus making them easily remembered.

There are more advanced aspects to the graphic design process. If you are satisfied with the fundamentals of your logo design, here is how you can implement a few of these features. Scaling is one of these more essential techniques that should be taken advantage of. Being able to create a logo that can look as visually pleasing on a billboard as much as a coffee mug, or even an exterior business window can make a massive impact on your advertising campaign. This will expand an available range of options for your company to be recognized upon. Color scheming is the other important aspect of graphic design for a successful logo design. Have a solidified color scheme on all of your logos to make them easily memorable and identifiable. In essence, this will help solidify brand identity, which is arguably one of the most important aspects of creating a logo for your business or company, or even a club and team logo.

Separating yourself from the Competition

As effective as these marketing and design strategies are for your business or team logo, the same can be said in effectively separating yourself from the average competitor. Using a major company like Starbucks helps amplify the example. Starbucks logo consists of many design techniques discussed earlier. They use a unique graphic image, which is the mermaid or siren. They also have a consistent and solidified color scheme, easily memorable and aesthetically pleasing, which is green and white. They also took time to play with the font, the size, and even the shape of the text as seen how it curves around the picture logo itself. All these techniques were used to bolster the company image and help customers remember what they are about or what their product is available.

Creating the Perfect Company Brand

The logo births the brand. When creating your logo through diligent market research and a step-by-step design process utilizing powerful graphic design services and programs, you create the opportunity to establish a powerful company brand. That brand carries the product, company, team, or club’s message, and symbolizes every facet you want your target audience to understand in a single thought. When your clients cross the road and see your business sign, or do a quick google search and see your business name appear, that logo is their opening and lasting impression to everything that you wanted to project, and how you are better than the competitors available in today’s world.