The Internet is a growing space for web designers and marketers. Along with increasing popularity and demand, there is a need for more powerful tools that can help increase productivity and the chances of success! What most developers and web designers find convenient to use these days are the extensions built into their browsers.

Chrome extensions help web designers with their creation process. These resources are known to be useful, super effective, and give better results. There are now many Chrome extensions available, but in this article we will highlight the 31 best extensions that most web designers and developers are using these days.

  1. Fonts Ninja – Font identifier Chrome extension

When you run out of options for fonts, Fonts Ninja will be there to help! With so many options available, you’ll easily find the most suitable font for your web design project! Each available font contains useful information about them, such as price, styles, and foundry. You can also examine the CSS properties of each font if you find that useful! 

  1. SVG Grabber

For web designers who are primarily on the web most of the time, it is often unavoidable to stumble upon an interesting website icon or logo. What happens when you want to copy and download them? This is what SVG Grabber can do! It recovers all SVG assets of a website with just one click! Pretty easy, right?

  1. WhatFont

If you’ve been a web designer or developer for many years now, you might have heard of WhatFont – another useful and sought-after Chrome extension that will never let you worry about fonts again! Especially when you are wondering about the font used on a website, just hover your mouse over and you will get instant information about what font it is! See image below:

  1. Image Downloader

This Chrome extension is a convenient way to browse and download images from the web! Especially for web designers and developers who are always on the move, just a click of the mouse and it will be a time saver! Explore as many images as you want on a website and this tool will give you the information you need including URL, height, width and more!

  1. HTML to Figma

Use this Chrome extension if you want an instant way to capture any webpage. With Figma, editing layers and inspecting elements is done in no time!

  1. PerfectPixel

For web developers, this chrome extension is useful for aiming for near pixel perfect accuracy on their website. To perform a perfect pixel comparison, simply place a semi-transparent image on top of the expanded HTML code and you will see the results.


If you want an instant step to check, edit, and copy CSS styles, the CSS Scan Chrome extension is the best for you! By simply hovering your mouse over any element, click once on the CSS styles and rules you want to copy, and you’re good to go!

  1. Window Resizer

To get a smooth interface for your website, a Chrome Window Resizer extension is what you will need! It is a powerful tool that allows you to resize your browser window as you like to make your website more responsive. Choose from their list of screen dimensions or enter your preferred sizes and resolutions to personalize it!

  1. Site Palette – Chrome extension

Chrome Site Palette extension is used to generate, extract and share different color palettes for website design. It is a great tool that will guide web developers and designers in choosing the best color that will match their design.

  1. CSS Peeper

Perfect for web designers and developers, the Pepper chrome CSS extension is designed to inspect elements using their simple, convenient, and well-organized features that will make the whole process smooth and fast.

  1. The Great Suspender Original

If you’re looking for a Chrome extension that can help your computer run smoothly and save more memory, you can never go wrong with The Great Suspender! What more can you love with their advanced features suspending unused tabs and restoring only the essentials.

  1. Hex Color Picker Chrome Extension

Selecting and extracting your favorite colors from websites can never be easier with the use of chrome Hex Color Picker extension. It also allows you to extract color information from CSS styles and RGB values ​​from images.

  1. Hoverify

Hoverify includes powerful tools that will help you speed up your workflow and improve your web development experience. Some of the tools provided are as follows:

  • CSS and HTML inspectors
  • CSS live edition
  • Export to Codepen
  • Inspecting media queries
  • Finding fonts
  • Extracting colors 
  • Toggling element visibility
  1. Nimbus – Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder Chrome Extension

If you want an instant way to convert videos to mp4 or gif, this chrome extension has a screen video recording feature that you can use. And with its screenshot feature, you can easily capture an entire web page or parts of it to edit, cut or crop them whenever you want!

  1. Evernote Web Clipper – Chrome Extension

If you want a Chrome extension that lets you save online information, such as images, text, and links, then this is the one for you! With just one click, you can instantly collect anything that you find interesting or inspiring for your web design project.

  1. DomFlags

Web designers and developers can take advantage of this Chrome extension when it comes to a quick and easy way to create keyboard shortcuts to DOM elements.

  1.  Highly Highlighter

What most web designers love about the Highly Highlighter Chrome Extension is that it allows them to conveniently and instantly highlight the important points of their reading, save and save them. to share ! No need to take a screenshot or make some edits! It’s perfect for improving productivity!

  1. Booom!

If you use for website design then Boom is a good Chrome extension to install to make the user experience simple, fast, and smooth! Its advanced features include autoplay for gifs, infinite scrolling, larger and higher resolution shots, and more!

  1. CSS-Shack

CSS-Shack is one of the most popular Chrome extensions among web designs because it allows them to instantly and easily export their created layers and styles into a single CSS file!

  1. Marmoset

One of the best tools for taking and customizing snapshots! Easily take a quick snapshot of all the interesting web pages you find and choose from a variety of effects and themes to personalize them! If you are ever looking for awesome snapshots, you can never go wrong with this chrome extension!

  1. WhatFont

WhatFont is one of the best Chrome extension plugins for web designers who want to identify a specific font they come across on the web! This powerful tool works easier and faster – by simply hovering your mouse over a specific font, you get the information you need in an instant!

  1. Page Ruler

A page ruler comes in handy when you want to measure the size and placement of pixels and elements on the web. Once installed, you can easily draw the ruler on any page you want. Just drag the edges to measure size, height and width, and voila!

  1. Image Downloader

Image Downloader is another popular Chrome extension to download images in an instant. Web designers and web developers can take advantage of this powerful and highly efficient tool that will help them save time when uploading bulk images from any website. It also allows you to filter images by width and height, customize the display of images, as well as show image links.

  1. RescueTime for Chrome and Chrome OS

When working on a web design project, web designers often want their time tracked to determine productivity. With the RescueTime chrome extension, not only will your time be tracked, but it also measures the time you have spent at work and automatically shuts down once it realizes you are away. It is indeed a useful tool for anyone who wishes to have an overview of the progress of their work.

  1. Pinterest for Google Chrome

Pinterest’s Chrome extension is perfect not only for Pinterest fans, but also for anyone who likes to find inspiration on Pinterest or pin from any website in an instant!

  1. CSSViewer

This is another Chrome extension that allows web designers to inspect CSS properties from any web page. It’s very easy to use – with a single click on the toolbar icon, you can start hovering over any item you want to inspect!

  1. Perfmap

Commonly used by web designers and web developers, a Perfmap chrome extension is best for creating performance heatmaps. This can be done by looking at the colors of the heatmap to see the progress of the image being downloaded.

  1. Validity

If you want to check the validity of a certain web page by inspecting for errors and other important details, then this Chrome extension is the one you are looking for!

  1. Bootlint This Page

Checking for common errors on Bootstrap sites can easily be done using this chrome extension.

  1. ColorZilla

One of the best things about ColorZilla is that it provides more tools to create great looking colors for any web page. It includes a palette viewer, gradient generator, eyedropper, color picker and more to customize the color you want!

  1. Color Tab

If you want colorful tabs, you can never go wrong with the Chrome Color Tab extension. Imagine having a different color scheme every time you open a new tab, it will definitely create a fun and pleasant user experience!


There are now plenty of Chrome extensions for web design to choose from. If you’re having trouble deciding what to look for, remember these 31 practical and effective options for your project! One thing is for sure: these chrome extensions will improve your productivity and make your work even more fun and exciting!