There are three different types of logo creators, online, professional and freelance. A professional logo generator is going to cost quite a bit and will be used by more established medium sized companies. They can cost up to $5,000 dollars. That is an indication of how important a logo is to a business. It is a symbol of identity, should be simple in form, be of color and/or material that catches the customer’s eye and represents the mood and type of business. The potential customer who is looking for a bicycle business needs to find a business with a logo that gives an idea of bicycles.

Having a logo that is known or recognized by a customer is important to business. It gives the business an established steady and respectable image. And thereby lead to increased and steady business.

A freelancer is less expensive and may be quite good, especially for those who don’t have the big sum to pay a professional. The logo is going to be a steady item that most likely will not change much over the lifetime of the business so it is important to be right at the start. Think of Del Monte and how recognizable their logo is, or any automobile logo.

Lastly, are the online logo websites for smaller businesses. They make a logo available for smaller and recently established businesses at lower prices or no price at all.

15 Top Logo Makers or Logo Generators

The web is a rich place to find any kind of help, and with designing a logo, there are listed many top logo generators. To find a top logo generator from the professionals, the best bet is to google them or ask a large company which has used one as these people go by reputation. The best logo generator will have a reputation and won’t be easily appointed because he will be too busy.

Of the online generators these fifteen are available. In this case, the logo will be made by the customer using a design app and will be less expensive and maybe even free. The fifteen businesses are:

  1. Wix
  2. Canva
  3. Tailor Brands
  4. Fiverr.
  5. Abode
  6. Turbo Logo
  7. Logo Makr
  8. Design Hill Logo Maker
  9. Logo Maker
  10. Design Wizard
  11. Graphic Spring
  12. Free Logo Design
  13. Name Cheap
  14. U Craft
  15. Brand

Features and Pricing

The professionals are more expensive because the logo’s they produce are polished and endure. Their logos properly identify a business and have such a clear feel they make people believe the company is quite successful. They give the customer confidence and draws him toward the business and the logos are remembered.

Even the color of the logo must be considered. People do have reactions to colors, warm in some instances, business like in others, or cool and calming. The logo should be simply drawn or pictured. Curves are soft and sharp angles are more aggressive.

The online companies take you through a system and you use your knowledge of the product and your customers and how you intend to use your logo. The logo company’s template guides you and edits the process.

If you are too unsure, some online companies, Wix is one, offer you a professional logo maker from their staff.

About Them

Some online companies are better at certain categories and styles than other companies. Look for a site that lists the top logo generator by category. There are many categories and many uses for the logo. Will the logo go on a billboard or on stationary? Will it go on shirts and product boxes or hats? A logo for a manure company will be different in feel and appearance from a lingerie logo. Does the logo need to be fun and playful or business like and serious? The best logo makers will know.

Their templates lead step by step from the initial finding out of what your company is. Do swirls and lines please you. Do you want something more intimate such as line drawing of a human?

Tailor Made is mentioned by users as having the most choices and is medium to work with. It gives a choice of using a design, such as a circle or triangle, A graphic, such a line drawing of a flower, and a text, initials or a name. But after that, there is not much in the way of changing what is chosen, tweaking it.

Wix is mentioned as the best logo generator by several sites but is not mentioned on many ratings. Yet, it is the only one that provides professional help.

On some of the online servers there is a fee for downloading the logo but also a monthly fee. Watch that. Because so many people use these online services, there is a potential for sameness in the designs. They are stretched.

You choose each detail. Pick a logo from a template and change it to your needs. The font, color, design, and size can be changed and if no template suits, upload your own graphics, add them to the template to edit them online. The original templates were professionally drawn.

Logo Makr is quite different in approach. First, after opening the page, comes a video. After that they present an empty canvas and you design your own. It is more original than most of the other online services, but if designing isn’t your thing, it will be more difficult.

The online stock logo sample to choose from makes a difference on the design. Canva is more toward the finer side while Wix is more industrial.

Depending on the Logo making company, there is usually a charge, though not a high charge when the logo is complete and you are ready to download. Fees go from $12.95 to $59.95. The fee might depend on whether you want a high resolution copy or not.

Wix is the only company that has a professional if that is what you prefer.

However, once the fee is paid, the logo may be edited any number of times. Some of the online generators are free.

Why Do We Need a Logo?

A logo goes everywhere, on the product, on the box, on displays, on advertising, on media, on fliers and online.

It is a highly visible symbol of the business. It is the business’s signature. It has to be good and be easily recognizable.

An accounting firm thought and thought, did some planning and got some graphics, but they decided finally after they had confused themselves with so much work, to have a logo of Classic Keys and some piano white keys. They put it on a wooden sign in the front yard of their business.

People miss-interpreted the sign thinking it was a piano studio even though below that was a line about getting your taxes done. The logo must point directly to the business, must say what is being sold.

Even if we are good at design, working on our own logo doesn’t always work as we can not look at the product logically. Sometimes we need someone else to put a hand in and get another more distant opinion. There is a lot going on this logo. It is important. It identifies your company.

A logo is a symbol like those on the front hood of a car used to be. If they are right, they stand out in front of everything else whether that is recognized or not. When there is so much to do to start and keep the business going, it will be important to design the logo that will sit at the top of your stationery and be recognized. The logo will show your personality.


So many things are needed when we start a business and it is impossible for us to accomplish them all. We must get the product first, be it a handmade and designed object or a commercial one, we have to have it on hand. That means finding the seller and making a contract. We have to have storage, advertising, and if possible, list of contacts. There are conferences to attend and all the arrangements that go with that. We cannot do everything.

The logo, which is so important, isn’t something that should be thrown together in a hurry unless a lot of thought has gone into it. It doesn’t seem like a template logo will be unique enough. It is true that a logo doesn’t change much over time, but it can adapt to the time, as the salt logo did. A template logo may be for now, to get by, a suggestion of what you want It must be close to what is right for you because it is how people identify the company but it can be adapted and modified enough to please you.